My Practice

I provide my patients with caring and respectful treatment, recognizing addiction as a biological, social, psychological and spiritual disorder, and not a moral failing.  I schedule 60 minutes for the initial appointment and 30 minutes for follow up visits.  I do not double book appointments.

 My patients are working people: from blood wormers to oystermen, from clammers to lobstermen (and women) from scallopers to line fishermen. I see welders, roofers, contractors, electricians, doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants and lawyers, cooks and waitresses. They come from York to Machias and nearly all the towns in between. And I’ve learned about Mainer’s tremendous work ethic. 

I treat the complete spectrum of addictions, including alcohol, opiate, cocaine, benzodiazepine and cannabis dependence.  I see pain patients who had been treated with high dose opioids analgesics who are not drug-addicted but who wish to be withdrawn from their prescriptions.

While some people with substance use disorders require some level of intensive treatment many do not.  Research has shown that medication in combination with office-based counseling helps many patients achieve a strong recovery.